Friday, September 14, 2012

Grandpa's Visit

So my dad was randomly in town last night and Marty was so glad to see him (as was I of course)!

Marty went crazy when my dad came into the house, wagging his tail like a mad man and try to jump up on my dad to give him kisses and remind him that he loves him, just in case he forgot (this is something Marty does to me....about 5-6 times a day on weekdays and every time I leave the house on the weekends).

After spending a few minutes playing in the house, we got everything together and went to the dog park.  There were a decent amount of dogs at the park, along with two giant German Shepards.  The dogs were beautiful and one of them, Zeus, had a thing for Marty and consistently tried to...mount him.  Marty did not enjoy this and would growl and run away.  Zeus would chase a bit, but his owner was great and eventually led him away since he did not look like he was ready to stop.

After a few minutes Marty ended up going in the water and playing fetch for a while.  He kinda made a friend, but they two pups more of just chased balls together then separated to go after their respective balls.

After 30-40 minutes of playing fetch we decided to go for a short 20 min walk in the woods.  There are some good pics from the walk:
Can I have the stick?!  Please?
I'm in the woods...this is great

   Some more pics:

Ugh, why are you making me sit still?  Do you not smell that? 

Ooo a bird, wait were you trying to take a picture?
We decided to leave after a long dog park trip.  Marty was sufficiently tired and we were getting pretty hungry.  Marty kept trying to spend some time with Grandpa so we decided to let him walk Marty:

Am I holding the leash right Vin?
This is easy when he sits.
We dropped Marty off and went to Rockland's for some BBQ.  It was delicious.  Kelly, as promised, pics below of the Pearl:

Again, mmmmmmm food porn
All in all a great visit from Grandpa!!

K bye!!

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  1. Love, love, love this post! Can you tell I love it? lol In one pic of Marty in the woods, he looks just like a hound tracking someone/something! Would have loved a pic of 3 generations though! I think I have to make a trip by myself, I was so jealous last night :)