Thursday, August 2, 2012

Meet Marty

Holy first post Batman!

Internet meet Marty, Marty, meet the internet.

 Marty is the puppy I adopted on July 1. Marty is my first puppy ever and I am super excited to have him. Training him has been a tough experience, but very rewarding. I'm going to be updating this blog on a semi-regular basis just to chronicle the adventure of raising Marty as well as some of the frustrations and problems I'm having with the pup. I'm also hoping to keep some friends and family up to date on Marty as well as having an easy place for them to find pics.

 My friends and I think that Marty has some hound in him, based on his floppy ears and his sniffing and burrowing tendencies, and we also think that he definitely has either pit bull or american bull dog in him.

On that note, let me tell the internet about Marty.

 When I first met Marty, the woman with the rescue group said that he was very shy and would take a bit to warm up to me. I crouched down and started petting him, and 10 seconds later he leaped into my arms and started licking my face with his tail whipping back and forth. That was it, Marty was coming home with me. It took a few days for his personality to really start shining, but once it did, I knew I had a special guy on my hands.

 Marty is a big goofball who loves people. He loves to jump on people he likes, sit on laps (he's getting to be a big lap dog), and give big sloppy puppy kisses to just remind you that he loves you so much. He's very smart, but also very stubborn. It's been a little over a month, but Marty now knows his name, he knows to come when I call, he sits and lies down, and can stay for a really long time. Marty is a big sweetheart and inside, he is the perfect puppy.

 Outside, Marty completely changes. He doesn't run around, full of energy with a big smile on his face. He crouches low to the ground and has his ears perked listening for any loud noises. He is very cautious and is scared of almost everything. Walking him was a huge chore (I'll highlight this in another post). He would constantly try to sit and sprint back towards my house. If a car drove by or a cyclist rode by, he would cringe and try to run in the opposite direction. Walking Marty would leave both of us very tired and very frustrated.

 Marty also doesn't play well with other dogs. When Daisy (3 yr old black lab) was living with us, he would try to play with her, and she would play very rough and in most instances scare him and/or hurt him.  He would generally try to avoid her after a week, just because she would try to show her dominance over him, she would bite his neck and pin him to the group when he would walk by.  Recently, my neighbor and I have been having our two pups play together, trying to get them both to play better together (more on this later). 

Well, I think I've given a nice overview of Marty and look forward to updating this blog pretty heavily over the next few days with where Marty is since his adoption, and then slowing down a bit. K bye!

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