Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Weekends with Elmo

This weekend was a whirlwind.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, we dog sat for Elmo this weekend.

Hi Elmo!
Elmo is a little corgi/pom mix that is a bundle of energy at almost all times.  Contrast this to the normally laid back and relaxed Marty.  Marty and Elmo get along pretty well, with Elmo teaching Marty how to be a dog.

Elmo arrived on Thursday night and instantly realized that it was play time.  Marty was really excited and was more than happy to start wrestling and running around.  Within minutes both pups were getting along as if they had never spent time apart.

Dog sitting was really easy on Friday.  Took them both for walks in the morning, took them out at night, let them play.

Saturday, now this was a dog of a different color.  Both dogs are early risers, not a huge problem, while Marty is usually somewhat slow to rise, Elmo was ready to go almost instantly.  This lit a spark in Marty as well, and he was instantly ready to go.

After some breakfast, it was time for a walk.  We had found Elmo's leash (thanks for hiding that Ryan!) and I attempted to walk both pups at once.  This was a bad idea.

Elmo was adventurous and wanted to sniff and spell everything.  Marty, hung out by my side/behind me, and was not surging ahead.  In the end, I had to hold both leashes tight and just force them to walk next to one another.  I think this actually worked out pretty well since Marty saw Elmo just dashing off and trying to smell everything.  Eventually he started sniffing around too.

Once we got back, it was play time.  At 9 AM.  All day.  Basically, all Marty and Elmo wanted to do was chase each other and wrestle.  Wrestling did lead to an interesting realization from Marty though.  At some point he was consistently winning these wrestling matches.  It finally dawned on him, I'm bigger than Elmo.  Once this realization happened, Elmo rarely won.  This pissed Elmo off quite a bit and he started being a bit more aggressive.  This in turn led to Marty being more aggressive.  After lots of "gentle!" calls and separating them and putting them outside, they finally calmed down and wrestled like normal.

Marty is still wearing his cone of shame.  I put it on him for a bit in the morning because I had to run some errands and couldn't watch him the entire time.  Elmo was actually really good with the cone on Marty.  It was as if he realized that Marty had to finish his initiation.

"Don't worry man, the cone isn't that bad."

Saturday ended up just being a long day.  Though both pups would get tired, they weren't tired enough to not play with one another.  They finally crashed around 9 or 10.  I've never seen Marty crash so hard.  It was pretty funny.

Sunday was completely different.  I don't think either dog expected to wake up with the other there.  This was how most of Sunday was spent:

Who's a sleepy puppy??

It was pretty adorable.

They slept most of the day Sunday.  Well Marty slept most of the day.  Elmo would get random bursts of energy.  I'd bring both outside to play, but Marty would just lie down.  I would end up chasing Elmo for 10 minutes until he would also collapse.  The whole time, Marty would sit on the stoop watching, wanting to join in, but just be too tired.

Elmo left Sunday night.  Thank you Ryan for scaring both pups and causing a bark fest, followed by Marty confusingly peeing (not on the new carpets!) on the floor.  Ryan and Gloria, Elmo was really well behaved the whole weekend (except for the barking.  Man, we would tell him not to bark, and I swear, he would look me right in the eyes and bark again almost every time).  He's welcome back anytime.

Marty spent most of the day Monday sleeping as well (I had the day off).  We went for a short run, which he really didn't understand, and did some walking on busy streets.  He was pretty good on the busy streets!

For some reasons he decided that sleeping on top of my was a lot more comfortable than the couch:
So comfy...for him.
Here are some pics from our day on Monday, featuring Marty hanging out in his favorite spot:
I love the steps.
I can see upstairs.

Or I can see downstairs.

Marty loves hanging out on the stairs when I'm downstairs.  I think it's because he can go either up or down pretty quickly, depending on what he hears.

Finally, one last picture.  Here's the look he gives me whenever I leave for work.  I think he can tell when I'm leaving since I take a while to get ready:

"Hey buddy, where we going?  Oh, I'm not coming?  Ok..."
Well that's all for now.

K bye!

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