Monday, August 20, 2012

Meeting Grandma and Grandpa

Spoiler alert, no new pictures.  It was a pretty overwhelming weekend, as you'll soon read, so I didn't get a chance to take too many pictures.

This past Sunday my mom and dad drove through DC on their way to South Carolina for what is now their 3rd vacation of the summer.  I guess they're enjoying having my sister and I be done with school.  They stopped by wanting to meet Marty, and more importantly, be good grandparents and spoil him.

My parents "like" dogs in theory (my dad constantly teases my mom that he's just going to get a puppy one day) but also realize that they're messy and require a huge time commitment.  That being said, they LOVED Marty.

Surprisingly, Marty was not scared of my parents at all.  He was running around, wanting to be petted and rolling around looking for tummy rubs.  My dad found out the hard way why we sometimes call Marty a bruiser.  I told my dad wanted to play with Marty but couldn't get him to come to him.  I told him that if he sat on the floor that Marty would run right over.  

In typical Marty fashion, he sprinted over, head down, and ensured that I wouldn't be having any late life siblings.

Sibling denying incidents aside, I was a bit surprised how quickly Marty took to my parents.  When they parked, I met them outside without Marty, and gave them hugs while he perched on the couch watching me. I'm assuming this helped out a lot.

We then decided to take Marty to PetSmart with us for his first ever trip to PetSmart.  I was a little worried, but apparently I was being crazy since Marty LOVED IT.  He was running around, sniffing all of the toys, sniffing all of the food, kinda playing with all of the other dogs, and scaring a little kid who kept saying that Marty was "going to get him."  

The kid was nervous that Marty could reach him on his dad's shoulders.

We had a great time at PetSmart and picked Marty up a sweet cushion for his crate and a big chicken flavored nyla bone.  I hope he doesn't get used to this treatment.  

Trouble arose on the trip back to the house.  About 2 minutes after we got into the car, I noticed that the bottom of Marty's paw was covered in blood.  My mom found some tissues and I cleaned out around the paw and saw that he had a 1/4" cut on the pad on his back paw.  It was a large cut, nor was it super deep ("Do we have to take him to the hospital?  Is the vet nearby??" -Mom) it just bled a lot.  

We cleaned out the cut and once it stopped bleeding, crated him for a bit while we went to lunch.  My parents left shortly after lunch, but not before giving him his giant nyla bone.


Marty ate almost the entire bone in one sitting.  I was not expecting this at all.  He usually gnaws on the bones for weeks so I was not expecting him to utterly devour it.

This basically led to me staying up the entire night, ushering Marty outside as he would throw up pieces of the bone every 45-60 min.  

The funny part was that Marty could almost control his gag reflex.  I would hear him start to gag and would instantly rush him outside.  He would hold it until we got outside, then give a big swallow and look at me like it was time to play... at 3:00 AM.  Not playtime.

I think he threw up 4 times throughout the night and we went outside a total of 9-10 times.  It was a really fun night.

Also, Daisy is back.  They seem to be getting along, mostly just kind of ignoring one another at the moment.  I'll try to get a cute picture of them.  

I just remembered, my mom got a couple of pictures from PetSmart, so I'll edit this later with pics.

K bye

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