Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Vet Results Revisited

A few people have been asking how Marty's doing since his vet visit.

I'm happy to say he's doing really well!  The antibiotics seem to be working and the lick granuloma is clearing up nicely!

Last week

This morning
As you can probably tell, the redness has gone away and the lump isn't swollen anymore.  The scabbing is most gone and no more pus comes out when you squeeze it.  It's impossible to tell from the pic, but fur is starting to grow back in the area.  I'm still keeping the cone on during the day, and will probably continue to do so through the end of the week.  The vet suggested 5-7 days, but I figure 2 more couldn't hurt.  I think the last little scab will be completely gone by then.  He also never licks it with the cone off.

As far as his ear infection, we've been using the medicine and cleaning his ear every day.  I've even started cleaning out the other ear every few days.  I'm going to have to invest in some long q-tips or something, because it's actually kind of tough to clean out his ears.  For those who don't know, dog's ear canals are actually L shaped, so you have to really dig in there with cotton wrapped around your finger.
Still, Marty let's me clean out his ears and put in the medicine (he doesn't like it though and mostly just "shuts off" when I do it).  He scratches at his ears a lot less, if at all anymore.

All in all, I think he's doing great!

K bye!

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